Wonder Workshop – Learn With Dot

Wonder Workshop – Learn with Dot

There are millions of choices out there when choosing a toy for your child. I don’t know if you feel the same way I do but a lot of times I find myself disappointed in the choice of toy we buy once we get it home. Sure, they’re fun, cute, and some can inspire creativity, but what about accessing a child’s full potential to learn?  What if you can buy a toy that is not only cute, fun, and inspires creativity but can also teach your child a very important skill in today’s world – coding.

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One day while I was visiting my 7-year old daughter’s school during a STEM day, the local college had brought by the Dot Creativity Kit to the classes and let the kids spend some time with the robot. It was amazing how involved the children were in the programming process and out of all of the STEM projects during the special STEM day, this one sparked the most curiosity and excitement.

We’ve only had Dot for about 2 weeks, but my daughter is already teaching Dot new tricks. Every day she is looking forward to developing her coding skills and having a blast. Learning to code has become family time and my daughter loves it. Even my son enjoys helping and watching his sister interact with “our little robot.”


Wonder Workshop – Dot Creativity Kit

This robot is for ages 6-10 years of age. This robot can be programmed using easy to follow instruction and coding techniques. This robot is customizable because you have the ability to program its lights, buttons, and you can even record your own sounds for Dot to repeat back to you! What makes this robot really neat is that it has an accelerometer that lets the robot interact with you whether you are moving, shaking, or tossing it.  If you have a younger child (3-year old son in our case) that destroys delicate electronics, then fear not, Dot has held its own against our toddler.

This robot is programable using Bluetooth devices. The setup is simple and quick, and your child will be learning to code in no time after setting up the Apps that are compatible with Dot.  Some of the apps available for download are Wonder, Blockly, and Go through the Apple Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.


This robot comes with a variety of games such as Robo Light Show, Dot Dot Goose, Hot Dotato, and more. It has pretend play activities such as Dress up Dot. Dot comes with cute out shapes that turns it into a penguin, fox, and more. You can get crafty with Dot by turning it into a mood lamp (everything you need included) and you can do an activity called Robo Sentry. Overall, it has 20 different and fun projects to do with your Dot robot.


What You Can Do With Dot

You can turn Dot into a Yucky Bot which shows off Dot’s humor.

You can also turn Dot into a Glow Bot. It’s a project that teaches children to code by using colors. It’s really great for beginners.

Dot Fit is another great activity with this robot. Your child will wear it around their waist and it will keep your child on the go with fun games such as “Dot Says.” Think Simon Says but with a robot!

You can Build-A-Dot-Bot. This is a really cool feature that Dot has. Using Legos, you can turn your Dot robot into anything you wish! You must have your own Lego’s though, they’re not included but the Building Brick Connectors are.


What’s Included

The Dot Creativity Kit comes with:

Dot Robot with attachable stand

20 project cards including games and activities

10 costumes

1 squishy cover

1 mood lamp (construct yourself)

Over 100 stickers

Charging cable

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  1. This is so cool! Coding is definitely an important skill that all kids are going to want (and maybe even need) to learn, so it’s great that they can get a little head start at home with this toy! & parents can be happy buying an educational toy. My daughter is only 7 months old, but this would be perfect for my nephew. Thanks for sharing!

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