Washabelle – A Washable Mattress for Kids


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Updating your child’s bedroom can be a lot of fun.  Personalizing a bedroom allows for a lot of creativity, excitement, and individuality.  As expected, we get so wrapped up in colors, themes, and décor that we forget about the most important part of the bedroom – the mattress.

My son has always been a poor sleeper at night.  He constantly was waking up and nearly every early morning he would climb into bed between my husband and me.  I felt like I was never rested because of the constant up and down during the night and because of my son’s foot in my face in the mornings.

My husband and I thought that maybe redecorating my son’s room to something that he would enjoy would be the answer to getting him to sleep through the night.  During the process of brainstorming and getting he “OK” for ideas from my son, the thought hit me – we should get him a new mattress.

Being the third child in the family he was sleeping on a very old mattress.  In fact, when the oldest was sleeping on it, it had many years of use before her.  It also wasn’t the most comfortable mattress.  Actually, it was quite hard and noisy.  For some reason, maybe because I was one extremely exhausted mama, it never occurred to me that just maybe he wasn’t able to get comfortable!


A Turn for the Better

When I told my son he was getting a new Washabelle® mattress he was jumping up and down happy about it.  He was more excited about the new mattress than he was over picking out his new Lego Batman bedroom décor.  The day it arrived he was so excited about it he couldn’t wait for us to open the box and put it in his room.

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That night a miracle happened – he slept the whole night through!  Getting him to fall asleep took a little work because he wouldn’t stop talking about how comfortable his mattress was but once he fell asleep… he didn’t wake up until morning!  Once he woke up, he was well rested and his overall demeanor took a positive turn.  He was less irritable mid-day and getting him down for his nap-time was much smoother.


This Mattress is Awesome

Now, a few months later, my son has slept though the night in his own room 95% of the time.  The Washabelle mattress is a wonderful addition to any child’s bedroom because it’s incredibly comfortable and kid friendly.

Another awesome feature of this mattress is that it is washable!  Whether it’s spilt drinks and food, potty-training accidents, or even viruses or illnesses, this mattress can handle it.  It has a removable cover that can be easily cleaned in your washer.  They even offer a LifeSaver Package that comes with an additional zip top cover.  If you want the extra zip top cover, make sure to buy this option because you can’t add it on later.  The zip top covers are specially made to order and can’t be bought later on.  It’s definitely worth the little bit extra to have the peace of mind!


An Easy to clean Mattress

Washabelle has 6 layers – five of which you can wash!

It has a zip top cover, a memory foam top and bottom, a waterproof breathable zip out liner, a foam base, and a washable bottom cover.  You can throw all but the foam base in the washer to get this mattress clean and back to pristine condition.


Safety and Quality in Mind

This mattress was created with the safety of your little ones in mind.  The foam that the company uses is made without lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants.  It has also has been certified to be made without mercy and heavy metals.

Give it a Risk-Free Try

Washabelle has a 101 Night Trial.  Your child can sleep on it, play on it, and even drink and eat on it.  You can wash it and if the results aren’t to your satisfaction you can return it for a full refund.





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