Very Berry Trifle

very berry trifle

Very Berry Trifle

My family gets excited when they see I am making these desserts. They’re easy, fun to make, and absolutely delicious. You can substitute the fruits for whatever fruit you like, change them for different occasions, and serve them in any dish or glass of your choice. The options are endless!


To make this variation I used high-ball glasses instead of just a large dish.



2 packages of cheesecake flavored pudding (prepared)

1 container blackberries

1 container strawberries

1 container raspberries

1 container of cool whip

1 angel food cake (prepared)




Prepare angel food cake according to box and let cool.

Prepare cheesecake pudding mix according to package and set aside.


Repeat process with these steps:

1) Crumble and coat bottom of glass with angel food cake

2) Layer cheesecake pudding on top of crumbled angel food cake

3) Top with the 3 berries

4)Top with cool whip

Repeat process until glass is full and top off with whipped cream and berries



Let me know what you think below!



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