Classic Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Classic Oatmeal Cookies Recipe These Classic Oatmeal Cookies are topped with a smooth and sweet glaze made just for these oatmeal cookies.  It’s one of my favorite cookies to make because they’re so easy and the recipe yields a large amount making them perfect for large gatherings or gift giving. The cookies only take a […]

Easy Rustic Mixed Berry Tart

This Easy Rustic Mixed Berry Tart is made using a refrigerated pie crust, raspberries, and blackberries.  This recipe is incredibly easy to make and it’s also quick as well!   Mixed Berry Tart When making a tart it’s always best to be picky about your berries.  You want to check for imperfections as well as […]

Ham & Muenster Cheese Croissants

Ham & Muenster Cheese Croissants

  Making these Ham & Muenster Cheese Croissants brought back childhood memories for my husband.  He came home from the grocery store with ingredients in hand, asking me to make them for the kids.   Great for Everyone Sometimes, it’s nice to whip up something fun and quick for snack time.  Recipes don’t always have […]

Don’t Go Nuts – Nut Free (A Safe Snack For Kids With Allergies)

 Don’t Go Nuts – Nut Free (A Safe Snack For Kids With Allergies) *This is a sponsored post for Don’t Go Nuts.  All opinions and thoughts on these products are 100% my own, honest, and unbiased. Just recently I learned the frustration that parents go through while trying to find a safe snack for their […]

christmas popcorn peppermint snack white chocolate closeup

Christmas White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn Snack Mix

Christmas White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn Snack Mix Popcorn is always a perfect snack while watching movies with the family.  During the Christmas season sprucing this classic snack up with another classic flavor during the Christmas season just makes sense! Adding the flavor of peppermint and Christmas colored sprinkles makes the popcorn not only more tasty […]

Sweet & Salty Halloween Snack Mix

Every year my daughter has a Halloween party at school and every year I volunteer to bring either cookies or cupcakes. This year, I needed something quicker so this sweet & salty Halloween snack mix was perfect and took less time to put together.  It was fun to make, too!   Sweet & Salty Halloween […]

Glazed Maple Brown Sugar Cookies

Glazed Maple Brown Sugar Cookies During the Fall season, it is always great to pull out a delicious cookie recipe that isn’t normally made throughout the year. It certainly is a treat for our family. This Glazed Maple Brown Sugar Cookies recipe is soft, chewy, and full of flavor. This recipe makes a large batch […]