15 Bible Scriptures for Strength

  When going through difficult times it’s easy to shy away from your faith in God and question Him.  It’s easy to get get angry instead of seek understanding and it’s easy to become distant from God’s word instead of thriving in Scriptures.  I’ve put together these scriptures of strength for not only my own […]

Books on How to Have A Better Marriage

Books on How to Have A Better Marriage   There comes a time in every marriage when things are hard.  Either by outside forces or problems within the home, these issues can cause a strain on the marital relationship that often creates a snowball effect which turns into full blown conflicts and unhappiness within the […]

Inspirational Christian Quotes

  Inspirational Christian Quotes Whether your having a bad day or a bad week these great Inspirational Christian Quotes will help lift your spirits and get you thinking positive. ┬áProblems in life have a way of beating us down and keeping us down a long period of time – it doesn’t have to be like […]