Must Read Books for Kids This Summer

  My daughter loves to read.  All the time.  My once struggling to read daughter has blossomed into a bookworm that loves to explore new books and new genres.  She loves fiction, non-fiction, and even silly books as well.  My daughter is starting 3rd grade this Fall and she has a list of books she […]

Must Read Books For Summer

  Every Summer I look forward to reading books that I’ve been meaning to read for a while.  I jot down books that interest me and by summer time I have a pretty large list to choose from.  I usually go to Amazon or to Goodreads to check out the reviews and to choose which […]

Books on How to Have A Better Marriage

Books on How to Have A Better Marriage   There comes a time in every marriage when things are hard.  Either by outside forces or problems within the home, these issues can cause a strain on the marital relationship that often creates a snowball effect which turns into full blown conflicts and unhappiness within the […]

Top Bestsellers Book List

Top Bestsellers Book List It’s officially summer and time to catch up on some great reads. I’ve compiled the best books from the Hardcover Best Sellers and Paperback Best Sellers lists to make my very own list of books that I wish to read.  Check out these books and get them on Amazon so you […]

Our Top Children’s Books

      Reading is something that we really enjoy in our family. It’s also something that our children look forward to every day.  It is special to them because not only is reading a fun cozy time – it’s also a learning experience.  I would like to share our top children’s book list for […]