Saturday Mornings – What They’re Really Like

Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are not like any other morning for us. It’s the one day a week that we are not rushing to be one place or another. That being said… Saturday mornings are pretty stressful for me. From the moment that I wake up I am in high demand.

Just like any other Saturday morning, I am woken by my three year old son grabbing my hand and exclaiming, “Mama I need to hold your hand!” – Just like that, my morning has started. This single statement that my son proclaims creates a chain reaction: My daughter immediately comes out of her room, uses the bathroom and then stands outside the doorway and stares into our bedroom. My first thought is wondering when my son had made his way into our bed that morning, and my husband rolling over as if saying, “You got this without me, right?”


I usually lay there as long as I can, because like any other night I slept horribly. Wishful thinking on my part. Within moments the kids start nagging that they’re hungry and want breakfast. At this point, my husband chimes,


Hey, Will you make french toast and bacon this morning?

You know, for something different. 


Cue annoyance. Really? I didn’t really sleep the night before. We went to bed after midnight because my husband has decided to jump on The Walking Dead bandwagon (I know, we’re late to the party). Nevertheless, the family is hungry so I roll out of bed and get my day started.


My husband lays there in bed as if he is drifting back to sleep while I take my son to the potty for yet another unsuccessful attempt followed by a diaper change. I then gather up his three favorite stuffed animals to take them with us, and hold his hand for a painfully slow descend down the stairs. My daughter helps out by letting the dog out and turns on cartoons for them to watch.


At this point I know that my husband is not in fact going back to sleep. He has taken this time to scroll through Facebook videos. How do I know this? It never fails, my phone starts blowing up with Facebook messages from my husband for videos that he shared.


Always Hungry

I can’t manage to get all my skillets and ingredients out on the counters and stove without hearing,


Hey, I’m hungry. Can I have a snack?

My response is always the same. “I am making breakfast now and if you let me begin making it, you will be eating soon enough.” But of course before I can start breakfast I have to get after the kids for getting on each other’s nerves and and this usually ends by setting them down to watch cartoons. This is followed by the question,

Is breakfast ready yet?

After that, for the next twenty minutes I cook, negotiate, chase away the scavengers of the food, reprimand, and cook some more and wish I had some help. Eventually something will happen that will alert my husband that his time is up.

The Bacon Bandit

The instance this morning? My son had taken it upon himself to grab the pile of cooked bacon and run away with it laughing manically. The child loves bacon and he is willing to do what it takes to get a hold of it.
Instantaneously, this is cue for my husbands feet to hit the floor upstairs, unplug his phone (I can hear the charger cord hit the floor)and come rushing downstairs. He always has a look on his face that says, “What’s going on?”
He learns what’s going on… quickly.
I finish up breakfast, serve it on a plate and set it on the table. Everyone comes to the table, we say grace and then it’s as if the kids have forgotten they were hungry. My son is full from what he stole from the counter earlier and my daughter is too wrapped up in what today’s plans are.
Breakfast takes like 5 minutes… if that and then comes clearing off dishes. About this time my son gets very sleepy and grumpy and his famous words,

I need to hold you, Mama. I need to hold your hand,

comes out like clockwork. I get a good half an hour after breakfast time before I am asked what’s for lunch and if they can have a snack.

A stressed morning is also a blessed morning


Even with all of that said, I wouldn’t change a thing. My kids are happy; they are best friends. They look out for each other and I know that I am blessed. My husband works incredibly hard for us all week and even for the small amount of time he takes for himself on Saturday mornings, he is happy to have it and I am happy to give it to him.

Thanks for letting me share what my Saturday mornings are like with you. Comment below and let me know if you can relate!

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