Why I Love my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (S8+)

Why I love my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (S8+)

I am a self-admitted electronics lover!  Ten years ago, I was an avid BlackBerry user who had to have the latest model.  They were cutting edge technology that pushed the limits of a mobile device.  In 2009 that all changed.

I dragged my husband (then fiancée) to the mall to check out the early Black Friday phone deals and maybe upgrade from the BlackBerry Pearl to the Curve.   That is when I was introduced to my first Android device, the Samsung Moment.  It was love at first sight.  I bought the Moment and my husband bought his first “smart” phone the BlackBerry Curve.  Two weeks later, he was back in the store upgrading to the Moment as well.


A Fan of Samsung Android Smartphones

From there on, we were early advocates of the Android devices and told everyone we met how amazing they were.  Every year we would get new phones, always better than before.  Between the two of us, it felt like we owned about every high-performance phone released between 2009 to today.

I am not writing this to bore you with antiquated technology, but to share that I am a techie by heart.  Unfortunately, the technology hasn’t seemed to grow much over the last few generations… until now!  That’s right, I had several EVOs, the Note 3 – 5, the S4, S6, S7, and the S7 Edge to name a few.  I always like my phones and some years there felt like a leap from one device to the next, but this year was a game changer.  I purchased the Samsung S8 Plus.

If you haven’t played with one yet, you should!  In the meantime, let me tell you why I fell in love.  It feels perfect in my hand.  It is light weight, thin, and narrow enough to hold in one hand and reach the screen with my thumb.  This phone fits perfectly in my hand and somehow makes me happy every time I pick it up.  This phone is beautiful to look at.  The sides are beveled and the screen goes all the way to the edges on all four sides and the screen resolution is gorgeous. After using this screen for a few days, I feel disappointed when I look at any of the devices that are a year old and lose 20% of the screen to buttons and edges.


Screen Protector or Not?

I am a fanatic about protecting my phones.  I have bought an OtterBox with a screen protector for every phone I have had since I switched from Blackberry.  The Samsung S8 Plus has Gorilla Glass 5.  You can find some great demos on You Tube that try to scratch, crack, and burn the screen.  I was so impressed, that after researching, I decided not to add a screen protector.  Besides, OtterBox doesn’t even include a screen protector on their cases anymore, because the screens have gotten so good.  I will confess, that I did buy an OtterBox Commuter and love it.  I recommend you get a good case too, as these phones are still breakable without a good case if dropped from high enough. It also works great with the Samsung wireless fast charger even with the Otterbox Commuter case on!

I love to take pictures for blogging, scrapbooking, or just to save a moment and this camera is great.  I don’t know that the rear facing camera is much better than the S7 Edge or the Note 5, but the pictures come out wonderful and I haven’t had a blurry one yet.  Also, the front facing camera is phenomenal… and I mean head and shoulders ahead of any front facing camera I have experienced.  The pictures come out as good as most respectable rear facing cameras.


Samsung S8+ Improves Security and Accessibility

The security features are a real plus.  At first, I thought that the facial recognition or the iris scan would just be a gimmick, but it is not.  I have a lock pattern coupled with a facial scan for the lock screen security.  In a lit area, before I even have a chance to start the pattern, it recognizes my face and unlocks.  I have read several complaints about the placement of the fingerprint reader by reviewers, but it works much better than the Note’s or the other S-series smart phones I have used.  And no, I have never smudged my camera lens.  The reader picks up my finger print instantly, granting me into my banking apps, etc.  This feature-rich phone also comes with an Iris scanner.   I have tried it, it does work well, but I prefer the facial recognition and haven’t used it much.


Something Old, Something New

The launcher that is installed standard, is great.  It is intuitive and does away with some of the unnecessary functions that have been around since 2009 (however, there are options that make it easy to add them back if you are nostalgic).  There are lots of tricks that make copying, sharing, using multiple apps, or many of the other creative things you may do with your phone much easier and intuitive.  There are several videos out there on YouTube that can help with a deep dive into some of the cool features that are lying below the surface.

The first day I bought it I liked the phone a lot.   After using it for a week, I absolutely love it.  I literally feel disappointed when I see anyone using an older phone and I tell everyone I see how amazing this phone is.

If I have done a half way decent job relaying the joy that this phone brings me, check them out.  It is easy to find sites that compare the specs of any two phones side-by-side, share reviews, stress tests, etc.  This post is not meant to do that.  My hope is to relay the intangible quality of a great phone that has been well engineered to offer something new, something that cannot be put into a stat table, something that you won’t find in a C-Net review.   Please share your thoughts if you enjoyed this post!


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  1. I bought this phone a few ago and also adore it. It made me laugh when you said picking up the phone makes you feel happy, me too. I thought I loved the S7 plus, but the S8plus is beyond.

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