About Me - Mama Needs Cake

Sharing delicious recipes, awesome reviews, and real life content.

I am a stay at home mom of three. Two girls and one boy. My children have very different personalities and sometimes raising them can be a challenge! 

I started this blog to be a form of therapy for me and I'm so glad I have.  I've met some amazing people, learned of their journeys, and in the process I have been inspired by many entrepreneurial women.

I have a passion for reading - The Bible and the Mystery/Thriller genre are my favorite.

I love to bake when I'm stressed (that's when the desserts are the best and I come up with new recipes!) and I enjoy shopping! I also love to try new products out for myself and my family! 🙂

I am a HG survivor to a little boy here on earth and a little one in Heaven.  


Please, join me on my journey of my real life as I share my stories, my trials and triumphs, and the fun stuff like product reviews and recipe creations I post.