Make Your Own DIY Gift Box

Make Your Own Gift Box

Whether it be for birthdays, holidays, or just because – you can find yourself scrambling for a last minute gift box.

You can create your very own gift box out of 12 x 12 cardstock, and it’s really simple! This step by step guide will teach you how to make your own… and for only pennies!

What you need to make your gift box:

12 x 12 cardstock




That’s it! Ready to get started?

Make Your Own DIY Gift Box


Make Your Own DIY Gift Box


Make Your Own DIY Gift Box

Voila! You  made the top of your box! To make the bottom of your box you have to cut 1/8″ off on two sides like this:

Repeat all steps above. By cutting 1/8″ off the bottom piece it will fit inside the top piece nicely 🙂

Congratulations, you just made the bottom of your box!

These gift boxes are great for tasty treats and small trinkets.

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5 thoughts on “Make Your Own DIY Gift Box

  1. I really like this idea! This offer more of a variety and is super cost effective. I never would have thought to do this! Your tutorial is very detailed and easy to follow so I plan to try this out with the upcoming holidays!

  2. Wow this is so creative. I also love DIY projects for it allows me to incorporate a personal touch as well as saves time and Money by using materials that can be found at home.

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