Klee Kids Magical Hair and Body Care Collection

Klee Kids Magical Hair and Body Care Collection

*This is a sponsored review for Klee Naturals and I received these products for free. All opinions and thoughts on these products are 100% my own, honest, and unbiased.

We always want what is best for our children and that includes making sure they’re not putting harmful chemicals on their bodies. Klee Naturals has a large lineup free from harsh ingredients. As listed on their website, Klee Naturals has, “NO sulfates, NO polypropylene glycol, NO parabens, NO synthetic dyes or fragrances, NO PEG.” 

My Children’s Sensitive Skin

When it comes to our children I have to be really careful about what I put on their skin. Our oldest has serious eczema issues that never seem to go away. My middle child has random flare-ups of eczema and my youngest child, well he just has sensitive skin that has been reacting to almost anything as of late.

My girls really enjoy fun and great smelling scents in the shower and give me a whole lot of fuss when their shampoo and body wash doesn’t make them smell “pretty.” My oldest even ends up using my body wash. Unfortunately, soon after she complains of itchiness and the tell-tale signs of eczema start showing up on her skin.

Klee Kids Magical Hair and Body Care Collection – Giving Something New A Try

I had never heard of Klee Kids or any of their products so I wanted to make sure that it was safe for my kids sensitive skin before letting my daughter try it.  Although I don’t have huge break outs, my skin still has some sensitivity to it. Once I felt comfortable, I let my daughter try it for herself. She was super excited to try it as they smelled really nice!

In our mini-kit that we received there are five products and I have a separate mini-review for each of the products below:

Klee Kids Enchanted Shampoo with Nettle and Yucca Root

The shampoo has the wonderful calming scent of lavender. It is free of all harsh chemicals so it doesn’t lather up and get super sudsy but the results are great. It definitely does a great job cleansing hair. Especially when your kid seems to get everything stuck in their hair throughout the day. Both through my trial and my daughter’s I was surprised to find such a quality product made out of all natural ingredients.


Klee Kids Charmed Conditioner with Argan Oil and Mango Butter

Also infused with lavender, this conditioner has hints of coconut as well. It has a refreshing scent and it does a really great job at leaving the hair silky smooth. My daughter has a really bad habit of waiting for me to brush her hair and it gets easily knotted. Brushing out her hair after her showers has been easier and my daughter doesn’t complain of tugging or being too rough. I am really impressed with this conditioner.


Klee Kids Magical Detangler with Coconut Oil and Marshmallow Extract

This is hands down my favorite product that I tried. It took quite a bit of pumping to get the spray to work but it was worth it! Once it started spraying it came out in wide bursts. It was really great that it didn’t leave a big wet spot on one area of my daughter’s hair. I have used hair products with jojoba oil in my hair and it was awesome to see it in a child’s product! This detangler worked really well brushing out her hair in the morning before school. It also made it sleek, shiny, and got rid of her fly-away problem. On her gym days I put her hair up and this product made it a breeze to get it up and get it smooth. Not to mention when she got home, she didn’t have any knots. I also used it sparingly as it did a great job with very little! It was a a win for me!!


Klee Kids Regal Body Wash with Calendula and Royal Jelly

As I said before my kids have eczema and in the past both my daughters have had extreme battles with it. We have done a lot of research on products that work well for flare-ups and solutions to keep them at bay. Calendula has been something that we have been using as a natural anti-inflammatory for six plus years and it has helped tremendously. I was excited to see a body wash that had it as one of the main ingredients.

The Klee Kids Body Wash is infused with sunflowers, honey, oats, orange peel, and lemongrass. The scent is amazingly calming and not overpowering in smell. My daughter’s skin has been smooth with no signs of dryness. For many parents using a body wash that doesn’t dry out your kids skin may not seem like a big deal,  but my daughter can get dry skin from using  some of the more gentle products on the market. To have a product that smells nice and doesn’t lead to my daughter having itchy skin for days is a huge accomplishment for us.


Klee Kids Dazzling Body Lotion with Argan Oil and Honey

We have steered clear of using body lotions over the years because most contain cetyl alcohol which irritates eczema and can make rashes very painful.  After reading the ingredients I was surprised to see that it was free from cetyl alcohol.

After trying it myself – I decided to let her give it a try. There were no break outs and her skin remained moisturized. She asks to use body lotions all the time because she loves the way they smell. Usually I have to tell her no, so she was really excited to use this product. Just like every other product that we tried, it smells wonderful and we have found something that is safe! This body lotion was a favorite out of the mini-kit we received.


Overall I am very pleased with the products that I have tried by Klee Naturals. My daughter is happy with the smells and she likes the way her hair and skin feels. These products are great for those that have allergies, skin sensitivities, dry skin, or eczema. If you are looking for better quality products, natural products, or have a child with sensitive skin I encourage you to give these a try and see the difference for yourself!

Check out Klee Kids for a great product line-up. Not only do they have a lineup for hair and body care they also have natural makeup for young girls, natural play makeup for the even younger ones, and really cute nail polish!

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  1. My oldest has eczema as well and I have to be careful about the soaps,detergents, and lotions I buy for her. I’ll have to look in to these products. Thanks for sharing.

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