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Hurricane Preparedness Tips

hurricane preparedness tips and hacks

Hurricane season is in full swing again this year and I’ve gathered some hurricane preparedness tips to help you get your family safe and prepared.

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Disclaimer: This post is solely on my opinion and thoughts on hurricane preparedness. Please see FEMA’s website for natural disaster preparations.


Check for Evacuation Orders

Prioritize safety over comfort.  Listen to your local radio and news for upcoming and emergency evacuations.  If you are told to evacuate, do so.  It’s not worth putting yourself and family at risk to stay home.  If your house is going to flood or have other severe damage, you can’t change that during a storm.  You’ll only be stuck there in the storm.


Build A Safety Kit

Build a safety kit for your family.  In case of power outages or the inability to leave your home, you’ll need the essentials such as water and food.  FEMA recommends 1 gallon of water per person per day for at least three days.  This is for both drinking and sanitation.  This makes sense since you’ll still want to wash your hands, brush your teeth, and cleanse yourself.  Purchase enough non-perishable food for at least 3 days for your family.  Stocking up on soups, crackers, chips, and even fruit snacks for the kids isn’t a bad idea.  Also, many fruits and veggies don’t have to be refrigerated so you can still eat well.  If you loose power and have a generator, you can use a induction burner or an induction burner to prepare quick meals with food that is in the freezer or fridge.  Using disposable plates, bowls, cups, and utensils is ideal for emergency situations.  You won’t have to waste water washing plates and cups several times a day.

A first aid kid is always important to have on hand, but even more so during a natural disaster.  Buying one for home and for the car is ideal.  A manual can opener is super important and I almost forgot this one myself.  You really don’t want to be trying to cut open your canned foods with a knife!

An obvious item to add to your safety kit is flashlights, extra batteries, and portable battery chargers for cell phones and electronic devices.  A great alternative to battery operated chargers is solar powered chargers.  It’ll save on money in the long run and you don’t run the risk of flashlights losing life during the night.  Candles are also great to have on hand.

Other important items to put in your safety kit are prescription and non-prescription medication for adults, children, and pets.  Also, a battery operated radio for weather updates on power outages, storm outcomes, and other emergency information.


Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Your Home

If you don’t have a generator, it’s a good idea to get one.  It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.  Growing up my father had a generator and we were able to save our food after a week long power outage.  You won’t be able to power your whole house with a portable generator but you will certainly be able to save food that is in refrigerators and freezers.  You’ll also be able to power a few other small things depending on the power your generator provides.

If you do have a generator, it is important to have extra gas on hand.  You can purchase gas cans to store extra fuel.

Securing loose items outside or bringing them inside will keep them from blowing or washing away.  Clear clogged drainage tubes around the house and clear gutters from any debris.  This will prevent from additional flooding and roof damage.

Keep Personal Documents Safe

Keep important documents such as birth and marriage certificates safe in a waterproof box.  If you need to evacuate your home, bring these documents with you.

Keep Your Pets Safe During a Hurricane

Have plenty of food and extra water for your pets.  Please have a place for your pets to safely stay as they shouldn’t be outside during the hurricane.  Leaving them chained or in a kennel restricts their ability to seek shelter and stay safe.  While getting ready for the hurricane, I put together treats and chew toys for our dogs.  Animals get anxious just as humans do – it’s a good idea to have a distraction.


Entertainment During A Hurricane

Fully charge laptops, tablets, cameras, and phones before the hurricane hits.  Many games can be accessed without having data or WiFi connections.  If you have a Netflix account you can download up to 100 titles on each device that is on your account.  You can keep kids entertained, focused, and calm during the storm by having favorite TV Shows and movies readily available.  Powering down electronic devices that aren’t being used for communication will prolong your battery life.

Boredom during power outages in the daytime can be remedied by puzzles, books, and games.

Easy Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

The first thing that becomes unavailable in stores during an emergency situation is water.  You can buy Ziploc gallon freezer bags and fill these with water from home for the upcoming storm.  If you don’t have a generator you can freeze these bags ahead of time to keep food frozen in the event of power outage.  Two-liter bottles, milk jugs, or even soda bottles will work as well.

Fill your bathtub with water to flush toilets when the power goes out.  Clean the tub thoroughly before filling, especially if you plan to use it as drinking water.

Make use of your dishwater by putting valuables in it during a hurricane.  If you run the risk of flooding your home this is a great way to keep those important documents safe and dry.

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