15 Bible Scriptures for Strength

  When going through difficult times it’s easy to shy away from your faith in God and question Him.  It’s easy to get get angry instead of seek understanding and it’s easy to become distant from God’s word instead of thriving in Scriptures.  I’ve put together these scriptures of strength for not only my own […]

40 Days of God’s Vision – Reading Plan & Free Printable!

40 Days of God’s Vision – Reading Plan & Free Printable!   One of the hardest thing about reading the Bible is opening it. The Bible can be very intimidating if you don’t know where to start. Whether you have been studying the Bible for years or opening it for the first time – this […]

Inspirational Christian Quotes

  Inspirational Christian Quotes Whether your having a bad day or a bad week these great Inspirational Christian Quotes will help lift your spirits and get you thinking positive.  Problems in life have a way of beating us down and keeping us down a long period of time – it doesn’t have to be like […]

Read the New Testament in 72 Days (FREE Printable)

Read the New Testament in 72 Days For the past few Sunday’s at church our pastor has been delivering a powerful message. It has been a sermon on walking with Jesus and believing in what he has in store for your life. It has been about seeking him, trusting in him, and understanding that God […]

My Journey Into the Body of Christ

My Journey into the Body of Christ As a young child, every Sunday our family would get together with my grandparents and go to church. After the death of my grandfather when I was six, my father’s interest in the church came to a halt and in turn my mother quit going as well. I […]