Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

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Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

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Adding indoor plants to your home not only makes it more beautiful and welcoming but it also cleanses the air by purifying it. Indoor plants fight off toxins within your living space and gives your room fresh air to breathe. Check out these plants that not are not only pleasing to the eye but also give you some great health benefits.


The philodendron was my first indoor plant. It is super easy to grow and maintain and created my love for indoor plants. One of the benefits from this plant is they absorb xylene These plants can live for many years with proper care and pruning. They enjoy sunlight and moderate levels of water.





Golden Pothos

Another plant that made it onto the NASA’s list is the golden pothos. It also does a great job removing formaldehyde from the air. This plant is great if you are looking for something more decorative as it creates beautiful vines that look great on shelves or in hanging pots. They are easy to grow and are low maintenance.



Snake Plant

Not only is this plant low maintenance due to its low levels of light and watering requirements but it is also ideal for purifying the room in your air. Most plants absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during the day but the Snake Plant does this during the night.


Spider Plant

This plant is super easy to grow and made it on the NASA list for best air purifying indoor plants. This plant not only purifies the air but it also gets rid of pollutants such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.


Aloe Plant

This plant is not only an easy plant to care for it is useful for healing wounds and moisturizing skin. Although this plant has higher light requirements than the other plants they are still easy to grow and have some wonderful health benefits.









Peace Lily

This plant is great for bathrooms and kitchens. It reduces mold spores by absorbing them via their leaves. They use the absorption of mold spores to create food. They also keep shower curtains and bathroom tile free from mildew.



This plant grows to be larger than most as the leaves can achieve to become up to a foot long! This plant lives better in room temperatures that don’t drop below the 60’s. Indirect light is also best for these plants.







This plant is beautiful and is also low maintenance. It requires indirect sunlight and produces beautiful leaves.


Rubber Plant

These plants can survive in low levels of light however it may stunt their growth and they do a great job at removing formaldehyde. The leaves on these plants are aesthetically pleasing and are a great addition to any home.



Wandering Jew

This plant is vibrant and have beautiful purple leaves when taken care of correctly. These plants require bright but indirect sunlight. To make these plants fuller by increasing branches, pinch back vines as they grow longer. These plants are easy to reproduce, use the pinched off vines and place in new soil. Voila, you have a new plant! Keep soil moist but not directly on crown to avoid rot.



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No matter which plants you choose to place in your home you can be sure they have great qualities to improve your living space. Please research your plants before placing them within reach of children to pets.

12 thoughts on “Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

  1. This is super handy actually! We are moving soon and I’ve told myself I’m going to not kill all my house plants in our new home! I saved it to my Pinterest so I don’t forget to look back 🙂

  2. My Mama would love to read this. We also have snake plant at home. She loves growing different kinda of plants to as it can relieve her stress.

  3. Great info. Never knew how some of these plants help the environment. I bookmarked your site for a time when adding plants to home. Thanks!

  4. This is fantastic! I know absolutely nothing about plants and my husband and I joked for the longest time that we had black thumbs. This summer we managed to grow cucumbers and tomatoes outdoors but still haven’t been brave enough to try and figure out indoor plants. I’m looking forward to using this guide for the colder months.

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