The Benefits of Hood Calorie Countdown

The Benefits of Hood Calorie Countdown

This post was sponsored by Hood as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Since the New Year I have been trying to incorporate healthier food options into my family’s diet. Eating healthier is a big focus for me and these beverage options really make it easier! We are really working on increasing our fruits and veggies and decreasing the sugary snacks in our home. One of the main focus areas that I have been working on is sugar intake.  Added sugar seems to be in everything these days and it’s really hard to keep a healthy balance! Over the past few weeks I have made the switch to Hood Calorie Countdown. It’s a great alternative to milk and it has a lot less sugar! In fact, Hood Calorie Countdown has 75% less sugar than traditional whole milk. It has many other benefits as well and they’re amazing!

A great alternative to milk is Hood Calorie Countdown’s Dairy Beverage lineup. Hood blends ultra-filtered milk with water, cream (and other ingredients) for a delicious and creamy taste while delivering fewer calories, less sugar, and fewer carbohydrates than regular milk and the beverages are made with milk from farmers who pledge not to use artificial growth hormones.


Cutting Calories, Sugar, and Carbs

Hood Calorie Countdown’s Whole version provides 33% fewer calories, 75% fewer carbs, and 75% less sugar than traditional milk.

The 2% Reduced Fat version provides 42% fewer calories, 75% fewer carbs, and 75% less sugar than traditional whole milk.

Calorie Countdown’s Fat Free version provides 56% fewer calories, 67% fewer carbs, 75% less sugar than traditional fat free milk.

My children’s favorite is Calorie Countdown’s 2% Reduced Fat Chocolate. They love a nice cold glass of chocolate milk but the sugar content is so high after adding the chocolaty flavor that they don’t get it often as they’d like.  This version takes the worry and guilt out of letting them enjoy their favorite beverage. It has 56% fewer calories, 67% fewer carbs, and 75% less sugar than traditional chocolate milk. That’s a huge win for them and an even bigger win for me!


How We’ve Incorporated Calorie Countdown Into Our Daily Lives

Healthy living has been on my radar this New Year and I’ve been looking for ways to make the change for my entire family.  We’ve been cutting back on the carbs, calories, and sugar and Calorie Countdown has helped us get closer to our goals.  My family enjoys drinking milk and although it has it’s benefits it’s very sugary.  Switching to Hood’s dairy beverage has made our goals easier to achieve because they can still enjoy their favorite drinks. The plus side is the added benefits of everything we are trying to cut out of our diets!

When my kids ask for a snack and I know they’re really just looking for something sweet, I’ll give them a glass of the Reduced Fat Chocolate dairy beverage and a bowl of mixed fruit.  They are happy to accept and I don’t get any complaints that they want something different.

I believe that breakfast should be the most filling and most nutritious meal of the day.  For me, using Calorie Countdown to make scrambled eggs and pancakes is a great alternative to using milk.  As I mentioned above, the reduced amount of carbs, sugars, and calories makes the overall meal healthier and the foods really tastes just as great as it always has.

When making desserts I can feel less guilty because of the switch. By replacing milk with Hood’s dairy beverage in muffins, cupcakes, and other tasty treats I can reduce the amount of sugars my family is taking in and cut back on carbs.

Hood Calorie Countdown’s website also has a great selection of recipes that you can try out using their dairy beverage. Head to your local Walmart and grab one of these delicious varieties! You’ll find them conveniently located in the dairy section and make your trip even better by grabbing your $.75 off coupon here.


Give Calorie Countdown A Try

We really have enjoyed the switch. This beverage is creamy, full of flavor, and delicious. What makes it even better is the health benefits it provides. It’s a great alternative for individuals that are diabetic, those looking for a healthy milk alternative, or making a switch to a healthier lifestyle.

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