Easy Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

Easy Lunchbox Ideas for Kids Back to school means back to packing lunches. If you’re like me, I pack lunches everyday! Not only does it save money but it also gives me the ease of mind that my daughter is eating her lunch! Packing lunch can be repetitive and can really begin feeling like a […]

Inspirational Christian Quotes

  Inspirational Christian Quotes Whether your having a bad day or a bad week these great Inspirational Christian Quotes will help lift your spirits and get you thinking positive.  Problems in life have a way of beating us down and keeping us down a long period of time – it doesn’t have to be like […]

Postpartum Depression

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. This post is based on research done by myself and my personal experiences with Postpartum Depression. Please seek medical attention if you are overwhelmed.    Statistics Let’s start by getting the statistics out there. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of getting reduced to a number so let’s […]

Fun Bath Toys for Toddlers

  Fun Bath Toys for Toddlers Our toddler loves bath time. Besides the fact that he really doesn’t like to be dirty (imagine that!) he loves to play with his bath toys. Splashing around in the tub and making a mess surprisingly isn’t his favorite way to spend time in the tub. He gets his […]

Make Your Own DIY Gift Box

Make Your Own Gift Box Whether it be for birthdays, holidays, or just because – you can find yourself scrambling for a last minute gift box. You can create your very own gift box out of 12 x 12 cardstock, and it’s really simple! This step by step guide will teach you how to make […]

Monster Cookies

Mama’s Monster Cookies Recipe

Mama’s Monster Cookies Recipe This Monster Cookies recipe has been handed down many generations in my family. It was a favorite in my childhood during the Holidays and now a favorite of my own children as well.  This cookie is easy to make and delicious to eat and makes a large batch so you will […]

Read the New Testament in 72 Days (FREE Printable)

Read the New Testament in 72 Days For the past few Sunday’s at church our pastor has been delivering a powerful message. It has been a sermon on walking with Jesus and believing in what he has in store for your life. It has been about seeking him, trusting in him, and understanding that God […]

Lost Love – Surviving 3 Miscarriages

Lost Love – Surviving 3 Miscarriages Statistics show 1 in every 5 women suffer a miscarriage. I have been that woman three times. Miscarriages are devastating events in one’s life. Suffering a miscarriage can leave you feeling broken, inadequate, lonely, angry, and overall greatly depressed. Some women are able to bounce back after a miscarriage […]

Breastfeeding Trials & Triumphs

World Breastfeeding Week It’s World Breastfeeding Week and in honor of it, I’d like to share my story of trials & triumphs. Breastfeeding is a beautiful bond between mother and child. It is a perfect example of give and take. It’s a beautiful story of love and sacrifice. For some mothers breastfeeding comes incredibly easy […]

My Journey Into the Body of Christ

My Journey into the Body of Christ As a young child, every Sunday our family would get together with my grandparents and go to church. After the death of my grandfather when I was six, my father’s interest in the church came to a halt and in turn my mother quit going as well. I […]