Paw Patrol Themed Birthday Party!

When we asked my son what he wanted for his third birthday, he requested a Paw Patrol themed birthday party! It came as no surprise because he loves the show and absolutely loves Chase and Marshall.    This article may contain affiliate links. If you purchase products through these links I may earn a small […]

Inspirational Christian Quotes

  Inspirational Christian Quotes Whether your having a bad day or a bad week these great Inspirational Christian Quotes will help lift your spirits and get you thinking positive.  Problems in life have a way of beating us down and keeping us down a long period of time – it doesn’t have to be like […]

Postpartum Depression

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. This post is based on research done by myself and my personal experiences with Postpartum Depression. Please seek medical attention if you are overwhelmed.    Statistics Let’s start by getting the statistics out there. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of getting reduced to a number so let’s […]

Read the New Testament in 72 Days (FREE Printable)

Read the New Testament in 72 Days For the past few Sunday’s at church our pastor has been delivering a powerful message. It has been a sermon on walking with Jesus and believing in what he has in store for your life. It has been about seeking him, trusting in him, and understanding that God […]

Lost Love – Surviving 3 Miscarriages

Lost Love – Surviving 3 Miscarriages Statistics show 1 in every 5 women suffer a miscarriage. I have been that woman three times. Miscarriages are devastating events in one’s life. Suffering a miscarriage can leave you feeling broken, inadequate, lonely, angry, and overall greatly depressed. Some women are able to bounce back after a miscarriage […]

My Journey Into the Body of Christ

My Journey into the Body of Christ As a young child, every Sunday our family would get together with my grandparents and go to church. After the death of my grandfather when I was six, my father’s interest in the church came to a halt and in turn my mother quit going as well. I […]

Trials & Tribulations of a Step-Mom

Trials & Tribulations of a Step-Mom   A five-year-old girl once looked me whole-heartedly in the eyes and asked me if she could call me “Mama.” I had just married her father about one-month prior. I remember my heart doing flips but replying with, “You can call me whatever you feel comfortable with.” I also […]

Ways to Save Money Other Than Couponing

Ways to Save Money Other Than Couponing What if I told you there were other ways to save money on everyday products other than just couponing? What if I also told you that it could save you up to 90% on the items that you buy on a regular basis, coupon free. It’s true, you […]

Saturday Mornings – What They’re Really Like

Saturday Mornings Saturday mornings are not like any other morning for us. It’s the one day a week that we are not rushing to be one place or another. That being said… Saturday mornings are pretty stressful for me. From the moment that I wake up I am in high demand.   Just like any […]

Living With Panic Disorder

Living With Panic Disorder Back in 2007 I had my first panic attack. I didn’t know what was going on. I had never heard of a panic attack; I just thought I was dying. Seriously, I thought I was dying. Sweating, feeling sick to my stomach, being unable to breathe and on the verge of […]